One day


One day, I’ll breathe the air so free
One day, I’ll jump high with glee
One day, I’ll bury my tears deep
One day, I’ll let all my joy creep
One day, I’ll smile without a lacking
One day, I’ll be proud of my content packing
One day, I’ll be weakness resistant
One day, I’ll make self-esteem my assistant
One day, I’ll overcome all my fears
One day, I’ll have happy tears
One day, perfectly tame my tongue
One day, I’ll get my guilt hung
One day, I’ll feel the bright sunshine
One day, I’ll boldly say, everything is fine
One day, I’ll drive away all my sick thoughts
One day, I’ll heal my heart full of droughts
One day, I’ll claim it’s all mine

My hero


You held my finger
Guided me through
You corrected, reprimanded
Taught me the right thing to do
You paved me the path
Showed me the world
You gave me the strength
You were my hold
I may grow up
But you’re always my star
You’re always by my side
Though you might be afar
They were times I didn’t understand your love
I was stupid, I turned my back
Now that you’re away, I realize your love
Wish I was wiser
Papa, I miss you so much now

…..all reality in one in substance,one in cause,one in origin;
…..every particle of reality is composed inseparably of the physical and the psychial.The object of philosophy,therefore, is to preserve unity in diversity, mind in matter,matter in mind;to find the synthesis in which opposites and contradictions meet in merge;to rise to the highest knowledge of universal unity…..

-Will Durant

Its what you do


You make me dizzy

You make heady

I find it harder to breathe

Its like dying

I feel so alive

Your touch is electric,seismic

Sending ripples,tremors,shockwaves

I’ve not recovered yet

There you go again

Doing it more and more

I detonate and explode

I burst to millions of sparks

I surrender

Turning into an addict

Now I crave,thirst,hungry for more


Hold my hand


Hold my hand, tight and firm

Right now,this is the place I feel home

Worries aside,doubts forgotten

Am happy at the present,that’s all matters

The future has no promises

But why bother now?

The day is young and so are we

Wanna make the best of it now

At least for the sake of memory

We may not last forever

And forever is too long

Your reminiscence is embossed

It will always stay

Its the best that ever happened and never may

Selfish I am,I wanna cling on for long

Forget it now

Hold my hand tighter,hold it strong