Challenge: Love and Hate

love-over-hate1The V-Pub has nominated me to participate in the Love/Hate challenge.  Here are the rules:

  •   List 10 things that you love.
  •   List 10 things that you hate.
  •   Nominate fellow bloggers to take the challenge

Firstly top ten things I hate(not in order)

i. I hate birds, and all feathery things, I just hate them. They look eerie to me.
ii. I hate the smell of blood, makes me nauseous.
iii. I hate spelling mistakes and blunt errors, it annoys me like hell.
iv. I hate people who think they are always right.
v. I hate lack of hygiene.
vi. I hate bizarre fashion sense, it irks me.
vii. I hate doing math, I suck in math.
viii. I hate jasmines, their smell makes me woozy.
ix. I hate being unproductive, doing nothing all day, makes me feel useless.
x. I hate cats, that should be on the top of the list actually.

And ten things I love

i. I love music, anytime, anywhere, music is the answer.
ii. I love reading books, am a big book-worm.
iii. I love strong coffee, big time caffeine addict.
iv. Dark chocolate, just love it! Yum!!!
v. And chicken. *lip smacking*
vi. I love doing sketches, paintings! (little getaway of mine)
vii. I love to sing! (though I obviously can’t, that’s another issue)
viii. I love to dress up. (times I feel I’m a princess, lot of self pampering)
ix. Love doing experiments in the kitchen, cooking is another hobby.
x. I love dreaming things that can and won’t happen. It’s the kingdom I literally rule, my Dreamland!
And here to the nominees,


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Sabiscuit’s Blog

Mundane Musings

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