Foolishness amuses/disgusts me!

Can a river, named holy, save you from drowning? Can a dip give you redemption; clean you up, to give you a fresh start? Like a clean slate?

Foolishness has no cure, no excuse either. The thin line between sanity and insanity is vanishing off late. Different kinds of stupidities are arising, hybrids, mutants and all sorts. And as much as it amazes me, it disgusts me equally.

Crowds, little babies, some getting lost perhaps, it’s insane! Educated, elites, laymen, everyone who’s got sense and who got none, are together. Shouldn’t make sense actually, but it does and it’s a pity

20 thoughts on “Foolishness amuses/disgusts me!

  1. Perhaps, there was another saying.. At least in terms of that eve we’ll take care of them.. Guess so many cleaning and purifying practises are going 🙂


      1. It’s not translation.. I’m just saying scientifically and mythologically few customs exist.. The perfect reason is unknown yet but the purpose behind doing that whole thing need not to be exactly the same reason of what they’re doing..

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      2. Exactly, they are pointless, and the fact that you say they are unknown itself is a reason you believe, the fear of the unknown keeps the belief alive. But everything is in the light and all you need is to find out, instead of just believing because everyone says so. ( Don’t mind the long comment :p)

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      3. I didn’t mean that.. You have a point in some perception and for me too.. It needs time esp for me to conclude over something.. Hope you don’t mind

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      4. I don’t intend to rub my beliefs on anyone, I’m really sorry if you got it that way. I respect what anyone believes as long as its not downright foolish. 🙂

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      5. You know what this is really a special character.. Keep it up.

        Pls don’t misunderstand.. For me it’s different that doesn’t mean you compelled or something..

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      6. Tbh whether it’s long or short, content matters.. When it’s strong no matter how long it could be one cannot resist.. Probably that’s how book’s get sold B-)


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