Why do we always cheat ourselves?

Why can’t we accept things the way they are?

Why do we try to change the truth?

Why can’t we be us?

Why the deception?

Why the action?

Why do we keep explaining ourselves again and again?

Why are we so desperate not to lose?

Why do we compete without reason?

Why do we live without passion?

Why do we act unaffected?

Why do we lie against our own good?

Why can’t we live by our rules?

Why don’t we see that it’s not getting us anywhere?


Why don’t we understand that we are killing ourselves?

At last, it is Me

At last

I smile

After years of waiting

And displeasure of counting

Giving up my old skin

Closing behind the rotting bin

Stretching wings wide apart

For the first time, learning the art

Forgetting mocks and boos

Smirking at the glares in amuse

Overcoming weakness, pain

Standing up for myself, bondage slain

Welcoming the new me

Set free

No more afraid, come what may

I’m bold, I mean what I say

I feel, proud, I feel pretty

I feel life, in all it’s beauty

Saying to myself

This is my true self

I breathe, claiming the air

Fully charged to no compare

I look up


At last


I smile