Living, no, not alive!

I live a life
A life without a soul
I’m living
I breathe
Every second of my existence
A painful torture
Excruciating hell
I live, I’m living
For the world, a story to tell
I cause no ripples
I’m static
I’m here
I live with no acceptance
For the truth, and my wrath
I write senseless scribbles
To sustain my breath
I’m living, yes
Am I alive? No,no.

5 thoughts on “Living, no, not alive!

  1. Well… you know what… your posts are much better than mine… I mean you have a great sense of writing poems and conveying your ideas to others… I’ve never seen such a poet who conveys the ideas to people so easily and quickly… You simply rock in writing poems…!!! You can be a very great and successful poet if you showcase your lovely talent more and more by publishing your poems and promoting it in large scales… I have a gut feeling that you’ll beat each and every poetist and be the #1 Poet in the world…!!! My day doesn’t start and end without reading your poems… it’s becoming my habbit now… Anyways… at last I would say that you rock miss beautiful and please continue posting your awesome poems… It’s become My “NEED” now….!!!! 

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    1. First of all Wow! Thank you so much Vicky! That’s a huge compliment. It means so much to me, so much. Thank you for stopping by, it’s a pleasure!! That’s so much encouragement and lot’s of brightness to start my day now. Thank again:))))

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      1. Well I think Many others need to learn from you… And I’m glad that my compliments are encouraging to such a living princess on this earth…!!! And I understand that most of the girls feel shy to share their views on my posts… it’s completely fine with me… And believe me you will achieve that position very soon and when you earn that position… I’m gonna throw a party…!!! Hehehe.. yey…!! And one more thing… Your posts make me have faith in you more and more… you have a very caring, cheerful, humble, kind… and endless complements… that describes a “PERFECT PRINCESS”…!!! And I’m so lucky that I’m communicating with a living princess… Anyways… if you want to know anything regarding the topics on which I write.. then do let me know… I’ll be happy to help you any time…  😉

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