The two sides

Single woman alone swinging on the beach and looking the other seat missing a boyfriend

On the other side

We’re together

Holding hands

Fingers interlaced

Love, passion, adoration

Soft, tender kisses

Melting us

Tight, strong hugs

Bringing us closer

Whispers of sweet nothings

Looking into each other’s eyes

Nothing’s told loud

Everything is said and understood

The warmth we radiate

The passion we share

Each passing hour

More to our love, more to us

It’s nothing but perfection

Just like it’s meant to be

While here on the real side

I look at you

Waiting, hoping, dying inside

You have no idea

You never noticed

I keep hoping


That one day you may glance

Think, consider


Make it true

Heal, mend

I wait

In love

Its what you do


You make me dizzy

You make heady

I find it harder to breathe

Its like dying

I feel so alive

Your touch is electric,seismic

Sending ripples,tremors,shockwaves

I’ve not recovered yet

There you go again

Doing it more and more

I detonate and explode

I burst to millions of sparks

I surrender

Turning into an addict

Now I crave,thirst,hungry for more


Hold my hand


Hold my hand, tight and firm

Right now,this is the place I feel home

Worries aside,doubts forgotten

Am happy at the present,that’s all matters

The future has no promises

But why bother now?

The day is young and so are we

Wanna make the best of it now

At least for the sake of memory

We may not last forever

And forever is too long

Your reminiscence is embossed

It will always stay

Its the best that ever happened and never may

Selfish I am,I wanna cling on for long

Forget it now

Hold my hand tighter,hold it strong