Surviving, not living


Saying no to something you’d kill for

Cravings you can’t control

Desire you can’t put an end to

Longing, trying too hard to resist

Yearning dying too bad to combust

Wish, wistful to be fulfilled

Aspiration strongly to be achieved

So many wants, wanting

Goals waiting

Targets raising, yet uncared

Stakes higher than ever

Yet there’s no stir, no emotion

Not a hope or answer

Not an inch of progress

Not a spur of belief

Faith is gone

Life is bleak and dark

Reason is lost

So is the purpose

What’s there to be?

What’s there to exist?

If there’s no sense in living

No chance in surviving

One day


One day, I’ll breathe the air so free
One day, I’ll jump high with glee
One day, I’ll bury my tears deep
One day, I’ll let all my joy creep
One day, I’ll smile without a lacking
One day, I’ll be proud of my content packing
One day, I’ll be weakness resistant
One day, I’ll make self-esteem my assistant
One day, I’ll overcome all my fears
One day, I’ll have happy tears
One day, perfectly tame my tongue
One day, I’ll get my guilt hung
One day, I’ll feel the bright sunshine
One day, I’ll boldly say, everything is fine
One day, I’ll drive away all my sick thoughts
One day, I’ll heal my heart full of droughts
One day, I’ll claim it’s all mine