Challenge: Love and Hate

love-over-hate1The V-Pub has nominated me to participate in the Love/Hate challenge.  Here are the rules:

  •   List 10 things that you love.
  •   List 10 things that you hate.
  •   Nominate fellow bloggers to take the challenge

Firstly top ten things I hate(not in order)

i. I hate birds, and all feathery things, I just hate them. They look eerie to me.
ii. I hate the smell of blood, makes me nauseous.
iii. I hate spelling mistakes and blunt errors, it annoys me like hell.
iv. I hate people who think they are always right.
v. I hate lack of hygiene.
vi. I hate bizarre fashion sense, it irks me.
vii. I hate doing math, I suck in math.
viii. I hate jasmines, their smell makes me woozy.
ix. I hate being unproductive, doing nothing all day, makes me feel useless.
x. I hate cats, that should be on the top of the list actually.

And ten things I love

i. I love music, anytime, anywhere, music is the answer.
ii. I love reading books, am a big book-worm.
iii. I love strong coffee, big time caffeine addict.
iv. Dark chocolate, just love it! Yum!!!
v. And chicken. *lip smacking*
vi. I love doing sketches, paintings! (little getaway of mine)
vii. I love to sing! (though I obviously can’t, that’s another issue)
viii. I love to dress up. (times I feel I’m a princess, lot of self pampering)
ix. Love doing experiments in the kitchen, cooking is another hobby.
x. I love dreaming things that can and won’t happen. It’s the kingdom I literally rule, my Dreamland!
And here to the nominees,


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Lord eBayism school of thought

Sabiscuit’s Blog

Mundane Musings

Hunger, never satisfied


Too much noise,so much commotion

Lots of disturbance,meaning I crave

Empty,sick,senseless words

Wicked imbeciles,foolish stupids

Purity and sense is all I demand

Lies and hypocrisy,deception and pride,crashing

Truth,modesty,find no space,no room

Trails of stink they leave,they go,they come

Scattering darkness,burning the light

Sparks I dream,brightness I search

Clashing,clashing,I try moving forward

To survive,a challenge,to live,a victory

Give it up


Give it up

When you see the light is gone

Give it up

When you can’t feel the feel no more

When the meaning is gone

What’s in holding on?

When the purpose is forgotten

What’s in fighting hard?

When the breath is already spent

You don’t water a lifeless plant

Then why watering a dead cause

You don’t live a deceased life

Then why watering a departed hope

Accept it

Though grueling it maybe

Be cynical

If that’s meant to be

In order to thrive


Is it a stigma?

Is it a rule?

Is it compulsory?

Is it so crucial?

Aren’t we masters of our destiny?

Don’t we own the right?

To rule it as we wish

To ruin it as we please

What’s with all the mockery?

And the ridiculous stupid scorn

The rubbish garbage piles

Of imbeciles, fools and rogues

Patience going loose

Can’t do it, no not more

Slam their face, that’s what I feel

That’d be too easy

Not even necessary

The frustration builds up

Reddening the anger

I control my annoyance

Try clearing my head

Fools will always be fools

Why should I let them get to me?

Need to be strong

To live it up and live

Need to be tough

To make it worth the live

Surviving, not living


Saying no to something you’d kill for

Cravings you can’t control

Desire you can’t put an end to

Longing, trying too hard to resist

Yearning dying too bad to combust

Wish, wistful to be fulfilled

Aspiration strongly to be achieved

So many wants, wanting

Goals waiting

Targets raising, yet uncared

Stakes higher than ever

Yet there’s no stir, no emotion

Not a hope or answer

Not an inch of progress

Not a spur of belief

Faith is gone

Life is bleak and dark

Reason is lost

So is the purpose

What’s there to be?

What’s there to exist?

If there’s no sense in living

No chance in surviving

Attempt failed


I try to fake it

Try to make myself believe

That it’s okay

That it’s fine, and I don’t care

But it hurts

Cuts me deep

Like I’m bleeding inside

I want to run

Somewhere I can expel

Tears build up inside

But they don’t like to roll down

They agree with me

They know I don’t like to look feeble

But I am, aren’t I?

I wish I had something to clutch

To embrace my rumpling self

But again

I look like a masochist

Who would even notice?