The Little Child Within

There’s a little child inside

Trembling with fear unknown

Even terrified to raise her head

To take a peek outside

Sitting in the darkest corner

Knees pulled to her face

Hands covering her eyes

She cries in tiny sobs


Stained are her cheeks

Of tears dried

She has no idea

Why it’s so dark

She has no idea

What’s happening to her

She just lies there

For eternity knows when

With questions unanswered

Wisdom beyond her reach

After all

Awful image she is

Of the child I am within

Hunger, never satisfied


Too much noise,so much commotion

Lots of disturbance,meaning I crave

Empty,sick,senseless words

Wicked imbeciles,foolish stupids

Purity and sense is all I demand

Lies and hypocrisy,deception and pride,crashing

Truth,modesty,find no space,no room

Trails of stink they leave,they go,they come

Scattering darkness,burning the light

Sparks I dream,brightness I search

Clashing,clashing,I try moving forward

To survive,a challenge,to live,a victory

Alive but dead

One minute you exist
And the other you don’t
Sometimes your love is overwhelming
And suddenly you don’t even care
You show me peaks of ecstasy
You smash me down to bitter reality
I don’t know what I mean to you
But I thought you’re different
I don’t know what you’re going through
A part of me is always on your side
Maybe you don’t like me
I’m not ready to believe it even if it’s true

Snap out of it

dreamlike-reality-fantasy (9).preview

Why keep running?

Why so disappointed?

If they don’t see what’s in you

If they can’t bother to acknowledge your existence

If they keep forgetting

Or don’t remember anything in the first place

They don’t care or bother

Don’t value

Don’t recognize you even

Admit it

You may need it

You may be needy

When the odds aren’t in your favor

Or nothing at all is on your side

Why keep repeating the same thing?

Why always?

When you know it won’t come to you

Or it’s not yours at all, maybe

Why waste your heartbeat?

Thumping loud out of your chest

Why break to an endless paranoia?

When they don’t even have an idea what’s going on

Not a bit, not a speck

It’s your hallucination, things that may never happen

Snap out of it

Good for you

There’s no difference you’re dead or alive

Living or lost