Desperate anticipation


The anticipation is killing

I so want it


But it won’t, not yet

Patience, I say to myself

Ugh, but can I?

It’s incessant, it won’t stop

Not now, not still

I want to scream

The built up anguish

Maybe even desperation

It is desperation, I am desperate

But why won’t it happen soon

As in now, right now

Hold my hand


Hold my hand, tight and firm

Right now,this is the place I feel home

Worries aside,doubts forgotten

Am happy at the present,that’s all matters

The future has no promises

But why bother now?

The day is young and so are we

Wanna make the best of it now

At least for the sake of memory

We may not last forever

And forever is too long

Your reminiscence is embossed

It will always stay

Its the best that ever happened and never may

Selfish I am,I wanna cling on for long

Forget it now

Hold my hand tighter,hold it strong