The Ringing Bells

My stomach churns

I taste bile in my throat

The bells chime loud

And I feel my heart pounding

Sweat breaks from my skin

I look everywhere

For help

Finding nothing but emptiness

The ringing bells grow louder

All I want is to scream

But my voice is stuck

I can’t utter a sound

The bells are deafening

I think I can bear no more

It’s my cue

I say

The Little Child Within

There’s a little child inside

Trembling with fear unknown

Even terrified to raise her head

To take a peek outside

Sitting in the darkest corner

Knees pulled to her face

Hands covering her eyes

She cries in tiny sobs


Stained are her cheeks

Of tears dried

She has no idea

Why it’s so dark

She has no idea

What’s happening to her

She just lies there

For eternity knows when

With questions unanswered

Wisdom beyond her reach

After all

Awful image she is

Of the child I am within