Love and love

If love was pure
If it was pure
And available
Without any price
Without disguise
If love could stay
If only it may
More than a fraction of perception
More than something so loose and unfair
If love was here
For you, me and all
For the broken and the lost
The healed too, at no cost
If love was there
Not being unfair
To the poor in heart
To the weak in soul
If love was true
If only it was
I don’t know what it could cause
Love and love
Dreams of a fool
Fantasies of no rule

Just Don’t Give A ****!

You want to judge?

You want to preach?

Come try me

Speak all the rubbish you can

Give me all you’ve got

Trust me I’ve heard it all

Like a zillion times

Try something new

Spark some innovation

Be creative friend

Old is boring

Traditional? Seriously?

You’re not being classy

It’s trashy

My comebacks need to be upgraded

So update yourself

Your lectures add fuel to my fire

Just gets better every time

They don’t suppress me dude

They don’t

If you want to waste my precious time

Try impressing

Make yourself useful

Your stuff doesn’t change people

It makes people gag

Believe me

Just shut up

I don’t give an F

Challenge: Love and Hate

love-over-hate1The V-Pub has nominated me to participate in the Love/Hate challenge.  Here are the rules:

  •   List 10 things that you love.
  •   List 10 things that you hate.
  •   Nominate fellow bloggers to take the challenge

Firstly top ten things I hate(not in order)

i. I hate birds, and all feathery things, I just hate them. They look eerie to me.
ii. I hate the smell of blood, makes me nauseous.
iii. I hate spelling mistakes and blunt errors, it annoys me like hell.
iv. I hate people who think they are always right.
v. I hate lack of hygiene.
vi. I hate bizarre fashion sense, it irks me.
vii. I hate doing math, I suck in math.
viii. I hate jasmines, their smell makes me woozy.
ix. I hate being unproductive, doing nothing all day, makes me feel useless.
x. I hate cats, that should be on the top of the list actually.

And ten things I love

i. I love music, anytime, anywhere, music is the answer.
ii. I love reading books, am a big book-worm.
iii. I love strong coffee, big time caffeine addict.
iv. Dark chocolate, just love it! Yum!!!
v. And chicken. *lip smacking*
vi. I love doing sketches, paintings! (little getaway of mine)
vii. I love to sing! (though I obviously can’t, that’s another issue)
viii. I love to dress up. (times I feel I’m a princess, lot of self pampering)
ix. Love doing experiments in the kitchen, cooking is another hobby.
x. I love dreaming things that can and won’t happen. It’s the kingdom I literally rule, my Dreamland!
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Alive but dead

One minute you exist
And the other you don’t
Sometimes your love is overwhelming
And suddenly you don’t even care
You show me peaks of ecstasy
You smash me down to bitter reality
I don’t know what I mean to you
But I thought you’re different
I don’t know what you’re going through
A part of me is always on your side
Maybe you don’t like me
I’m not ready to believe it even if it’s true