Momentary emptiness

Craving for a touch

Yearning for some warmth

Hollow deep inside

Lost since heaven knows when

Knowing it’s the way it’s supposed to be

Knowing that things can’t change

A moment of pain

A pang of emptiness


Dusting it up

Forgetting again

Painting the pain

Broken Chains

I don’t take nonsense anymore

I’m not into it

I know my worth

I realize my value

I will not take more instructions

Not in bondage any longer

I thought loneliness is a curse

What a fool was I?

It’s better to be with myself

Than to let myself in your reins

You can’t control me no more

I’m free, free than I can ever be

Try showing your claws again

I’ll ensure you’ll have them no more

My broken chains are just the beginning

You have no idea

The shocking things you might witness

Just be careful

Just in case

She is

She never came in tiptoes

She came in

Like a raging avalanche

She never asked

Only demanded heftily

She never bothered

Only did what she pleased

She didn’t show love

She said she was a narcisist

She gave no heed to insults

She had the sharpest tongue

She never cared about beauty

She felt she was other-worldly

She never laughed or cried

She either smirked from mockery

Or yelled for answers

She was never with a crowd

She gave lot of self time

She never felt alone

Because she was alone


Is anyone out there?
Who’d bother to care?
Is anyone out there?
Who’ll bother to dare?
Is anyone out there?
To make my gloom rare
Is anyone out there?
To drive away my nightmare
Is anyone out there?
To wipe my falling tear
Is anyone out there?
To pull me out of this snare
Is anyone out there?
Who into my depths can stare?
Is anyone out there?
Who’d, my grieves share?
Is anyone out there?
To bear my soul bare
Is anyone out there?
Please tell me where