She is

She never came in tiptoes

She came in

Like a raging avalanche

She never asked

Only demanded heftily

She never bothered

Only did what she pleased

She didn’t show love

She said she was a narcisist

She gave no heed to insults

She had the sharpest tongue

She never cared about beauty

She felt she was other-worldly

She never laughed or cried

She either smirked from mockery

Or yelled for answers

She was never with a crowd

She gave lot of self time

She never felt alone

Because she was alone

I’m here


Why are you so popular?

So good looking

So charming

Special in front of everyone’s eyes

I like you like crazy

Feel you are the one

Want you to see

Right through me

And know what I feel

But you make me insecure

Our differences

Insecure I feel

I want it to work

Want you to try

Why don’t you glance at least?