Celebrating myself

I’m celebrating


In all it’s hatred


In all it’s sweetness


In all it’s glamour


In all it’s reality


In all it’s truthfulness


In all it’s endurance


In all it’s passion


In all it’s intensity


I am celebrating

In all

Just Don’t Give A ****!

You want to judge?

You want to preach?

Come try me

Speak all the rubbish you can

Give me all you’ve got

Trust me I’ve heard it all

Like a zillion times

Try something new

Spark some innovation

Be creative friend

Old is boring

Traditional? Seriously?

You’re not being classy

It’s trashy

My comebacks need to be upgraded

So update yourself

Your lectures add fuel to my fire

Just gets better every time

They don’t suppress me dude

They don’t

If you want to waste my precious time

Try impressing

Make yourself useful

Your stuff doesn’t change people

It makes people gag

Believe me

Just shut up

I don’t give an F

Foolishness amuses/disgusts me!


Can a river, named holy, save you from drowning? Can a dip give you redemption; clean you up, to give you a fresh start? Like a clean slate?

Foolishness has no cure, no excuse either. The thin line between sanity and insanity is vanishing off late. Different kinds of stupidities are arising, hybrids, mutants and all sorts. And as much as it amazes me, it disgusts me equally.

Crowds, little babies, some getting lost perhaps, it’s insane! Educated, elites, laymen, everyone who’s got sense and who got none, are together. Shouldn’t make sense actually, but it does and it’s a pity

In order to thrive


Is it a stigma?

Is it a rule?

Is it compulsory?

Is it so crucial?

Aren’t we masters of our destiny?

Don’t we own the right?

To rule it as we wish

To ruin it as we please

What’s with all the mockery?

And the ridiculous stupid scorn

The rubbish garbage piles

Of imbeciles, fools and rogues

Patience going loose

Can’t do it, no not more

Slam their face, that’s what I feel

That’d be too easy

Not even necessary

The frustration builds up

Reddening the anger

I control my annoyance

Try clearing my head

Fools will always be fools

Why should I let them get to me?

Need to be strong

To live it up and live

Need to be tough

To make it worth the live