Celebrating myself

I’m celebrating


In all it’s hatred


In all it’s sweetness


In all it’s glamour


In all it’s reality


In all it’s truthfulness


In all it’s endurance


In all it’s passion


In all it’s intensity


I am celebrating

In all

The Desperate Clinger

Dear friend!

Let me tell you a story

This is the message I send

It might sting, don’t feel sorry

There was a  lovely girl

Pretty, beautiful and cute

There was a boy, made her skin crawl

He was desperate, no dispute

He was desperate for her

Clingy as hell

He wouldn’t take no for an answer

He said or else he’d jump in a well

Vexed to no bound

She slapped him and said

You won’t get yourself a wound

I know you’re a coward, it’s enough I’m fed

And that’s the end

And the lesson we get

Being desperate can’t mend

Your pathetic life, just forget

Alive but dead

One minute you exist
And the other you don’t
Sometimes your love is overwhelming
And suddenly you don’t even care
You show me peaks of ecstasy
You smash me down to bitter reality
I don’t know what I mean to you
But I thought you’re different
I don’t know what you’re going through
A part of me is always on your side
Maybe you don’t like me
I’m not ready to believe it even if it’s true

Attempt failed


I try to fake it

Try to make myself believe

That it’s okay

That it’s fine, and I don’t care

But it hurts

Cuts me deep

Like I’m bleeding inside

I want to run

Somewhere I can expel

Tears build up inside

But they don’t like to roll down

They agree with me

They know I don’t like to look feeble

But I am, aren’t I?

I wish I had something to clutch

To embrace my rumpling self

But again

I look like a masochist

Who would even notice?