The Ringing Bells

My stomach churns

I taste bile in my throat

The bells chime loud

And I feel my heart pounding

Sweat breaks from my skin

I look everywhere

For help

Finding nothing but emptiness

The ringing bells grow louder

All I want is to scream

But my voice is stuck

I can’t utter a sound

The bells are deafening

I think I can bear no more

It’s my cue

I say

She is

She never came in tiptoes

She came in

Like a raging avalanche

She never asked

Only demanded heftily

She never bothered

Only did what she pleased

She didn’t show love

She said she was a narcisist

She gave no heed to insults

She had the sharpest tongue

She never cared about beauty

She felt she was other-worldly

She never laughed or cried

She either smirked from mockery

Or yelled for answers

She was never with a crowd

She gave lot of self time

She never felt alone

Because she was alone