Heart of my heart

In the heart of my heart
Buried deep, so deep
Lies a tiny little chest of scars
Locked forever to sleep
“Wake”, said the pounding
Of my heart so weak
“Wake”, said my being
Ever so bleak
The little chest quivered
And began to queak


Being there

Really not existing

An image

A breathing hologram

That moves and talks

Passing each day

Fulfilling empty tasks

Creating void spaces

Falling deeper in depths

Unclassified, to knowledge

Wafting an essence of non existence

Drifting apart to bits of specks

Particulate nothingness

With a soul thriving

Craving for a life

In an epitome of virtuality

Threatening Walls

I turned the switch off

Of everything that numbs me

The emotions that weaken me

I don’t cry anymore, but

They’re welling up inside

I built walls strong enough

For them to withhold

To withstand their sheer force

Impervious to hurt anymore

I laugh instead of shedding tears

I don’t know if the walls are strong enough

Because, deep inside

The tears are accumulating

Threatening me

The walls might crack

I have no idea

What to do when they break down?

Can I handle the tsunami ?

The waves of emotions

That might break open surging

The death of flood

That might wash me away

Can I survive if the disaster occurs?

And build them back again?

As of now

I’m strong, maybe

The Phoenix Rock Star Princess

I’m the Original Phoenix, rock star

In the parallel universe

With anti-rock terrorists at war

Fighting the curse

I fell for the forbidden

The machine gun preacher

I was, you can say smitten

Anti-rock terrorism, he preached

To end our precious blood line

The end, their agendas screeched

But we fought without a whine

I met him once

“Die you infidel!” he said

I almost lost my stance

But only his eyes, I could picture in my head

The battle neared

Killing many, Antis and Rocks

Blood was smeared

People died in flocks

The dead Original Phoenixes rose from the ashes

And finished the battle

The dread was gone

Our coven was safe like always

And so was my love

Killing me in infinite ways

I still sing in tears, mourn

My heart, now as cold as ice

His ashes in the urn

My love never dies