Some laugh it loud

Some keep it all bowed

Some cry their straining grief

Some forget and turn a new leaf

Some shoe their burning pain

Some try to mask that stain

Some keep worrying,brooding

Some don’t quit moving

Some keep getting found and lost

Some don’t halt at any cost

Some lock all their tears away

Some burst it open astray

Some like keeping their head held high

Some let their murky pride die

Some fight every moment, stand upright

Some can’t withstand,submit to fright

Some crumble inside,give a tough front

Some hard as steel,don’t even grunt

Some don’t even bother,don’t just care

Some so giving,everything they share

Some,so mellow,soft and meek

Some harsh,uptight,cold and bleak

We all have our differences,changes and rattles

Yet we’re all survivors of our own battles

Give it up


Give it up

When you see the light is gone

Give it up

When you can’t feel the feel no more

When the meaning is gone

What’s in holding on?

When the purpose is forgotten

What’s in fighting hard?

When the breath is already spent

You don’t water a lifeless plant

Then why watering a dead cause

You don’t live a deceased life

Then why watering a departed hope

Accept it

Though grueling it maybe

Be cynical

If that’s meant to be